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Our mental health is the key element that determines how we think, feel and act. A stable and healthy mental health is when you do not feel an added burden while performing your daily works and activities. You remain with a positive attitude towards your work. But if you are facing issues while dealing with everyday works, that is when you should consult with healthcare as it might be causing due to bad mental health. Nobody is immune from affecting to mental health issues and one should consult with a doctor immediately without succumbing to the feeling within oneself for too long. It only makes the matters worse, instead of improving. Mental illness results from biological, psychological factors and can be managed and treated using the proper treatment. We, at Shanti Mindcare, concentrate on providing the best-in-class treatment for mental health. Our Psychiatry care is recognized as the best rehabilitation centre in Siliguri with experienced professionals and appropriate treatment procedures. Some of the ailments that we offer treatment for are mentioned below.

Treatments we offer:

Psychiatric Rehabilitation

It helps the patients reach the appropriate meter to functionally act to live their life healthily and work towards their aims and goals. It provides patients with the skills and confidence to live in a society by providing medical and psychological treatments.

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Detoxification of substance use

The detoxification process deals with the removal of the substance from the sufferer. The amount of dangerous substance and for how long it has been taken will be the key in determining the time and experience of the detoxification process. We, Shanti Mindcare is considered the best rehab in Siliguri and we make sure our patient does not face any relapse and we prevent the withdrawal systems from the body.

Daycare for psychiatric patients

Due to emotional or financial reasons, families do not agree to keep their family members with mental health sufferings. Daycare treatment is the ideal solution for them without having to keep their patient with us. We have the best-in-class doctors who provide treatment with the utmost care to improve the state of the patient. As a renowned rehabilitation centre in Siliguri, we have the responsibility to provide the up to the mark service.

Individualized treatment

Shanti Mindcare provides state-of-the-art facilities for patients suffering from mental illness and substance abuse. But some patients do not get comfortable with a few people around. For that, we have a specialized individualized treatment scheme to treat patients individually, to understand them better and to make them comfortable to open about their issues more.

Best rehab centre in Siliguri

Pharmacotherapy sessions

Pharmacotherapy is the treatment of the disorder with appropriate medication. It is primarily performed to prevent addiction and its withdrawal symptoms. With the efforts of our experienced doctors and professionals, we make sure to provide the finest treatment to our patients for their betterment. Shanti Mindcare is recognised as the best rehab in Siliguri due to its treatment over the years and the satisfaction of the families.

Shanti Mindcare is concentrated on providing the best-in-class treatment to the people of Siliguri and its surroundings. As a renowned rehabilitation centre in Siliguri, we make sure patients are recovering in no time from our treatment and our modern therapy sessions are proving fruitful for them.

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