Rapid Detoxification Of Substance Use

Rapid detoxification is an inpatient procedure wherein the body is rapidly cleansed of the opioids under general anesthesia. In this process, the detoxification can be accomplished in a short period of time and withdrawal symptoms can be avoided. This may seem like a good idea but there are number of side-effects as well. This process is also very costly. The patients need to be under observation so that do not relapse and should stay in a rehab for a while to be sure of the condition.

How does Shanti Mindcare help in rapid detoxification of substance abuse?

Rapid detoxification from substance abuse may be a rapid treatment but the recovery takes time. Shanti Mindcare helps their patients through this journey with residential treatment and rehab services. To prevent the patient from relapsing we provide treatment and medication. It is affordable and safe. Intensive monitoring is done to make sure the patient is not showing side-effects.

  • Rapid treatment
  • Intensive care
  • rehab facilities
  • affordable

Commonly Asked Questions About Rapid Detoxification Of Substance Use

Rapid detox does detoxify a person’s body of all the opioids but it is not a cure for addiction. Addiction requires a long-term treatment. The recovery time for rapid detox is long and the patient needs treatment and observation so that they do not relapse. They need to undergo treatment to successfully recover from the addiction.

There are a few issues that can occur with rapid detox like body strain. Addiction takes a toll on your body and when the opioids are removed from your body your body goes through stress. You may become weak and take time to recover due to the withdrawal symptoms but it is safe and does not cause any long term complications.

Rapid detox can be expensive compared to the other treatment methods but it is an effective option. It requires inpatient stay, treatment and monitoring which together cost for the treatment but the cost varies.

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