Inpatient mental health treatment provided to patients who are experiencing severe mental disorders that affects their ability to function independently and safely. These patients require immediate treatment to avoid worsening the situation. One can be hospitalized for acute psychiatry treatment in the early stages to make sure the condition does not become severe. They can undergo treatment and be on medication while receiving care. This helps in the patient and the loved ones being stress free and maintain them properly.

How does Shanti Mindcare help in acute psychiatric treatment?

In Shanti Mindcare we cater to the patients who need acute psychiatric treatment in the best way possible. The doctors assess the patients and according to the evaluation a routine for diagnosis and living is created. The patient is looked after and provided treatment. From medication to interaction they are helped by a staff member. We stress on helping them lead a life that lets them live among other individuals and prosper safely.

  • 24/7 care
  • Quality facilities
  • Training
  • Developmental skills

Commonly Asked Questions About Acute Psychiatric Treatment

There are various mental health treatment plans available which can be used to treat a patient. Most of the time doctors decide to go with medication, therapy or a combination of both. The other treatments include self-help plans, peer support and complementary treatments.

Mental illness often affects a person’s life by ruining their ability to focus on important things and complete tasks. Incorporating a daily routine in their lives helps to normalise their actions and having a proper routine helps in channelling their thoughts and achieve satisfaction that comes with the accomplishment of the same.

Many psychiatrists do suggest exercising for their patients. A number of problems can be overcome with exercises which has a positive impact on the patient’s condition. Along with medication and therapy, medical professionals believe exercise does have benefits and reduces stress, anxiety and helps with depression as well.

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