Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy which involves one or more therapists working with a group of people at the same time. It is a common therapy procedure which includes individual therapy and medication in an integrated form. Individual therapies are necessary but group therapies have benefits of their own. In group therapy session it is often easier to talk when you meet people and realise you are not alone. It is a huge step one can take in recovering. Group therapy sessions help people open up and communicate, motivate one another, and support each other. These are human emotions which make one feel content and the comfort they receive is very helpful.

How does Shanti Mindcare conduct group therapy?

Shanti Mindcare believes that group therapies provide a comprehensive form of treatment where it is easy for people to communicate and share their thoughts. Doctors believe that such practices and activities help in bringing behavioural changes in patients and also help with their moods. People can receive the support and encouragement from each other and doctors can also assess the reaction of the patients.

  • Therapy session as activity
  • Behavioural and developmental skill
  • Social interaction
  • Integrated treatment

Commonly Asked Questions About Group Therapy Sessions

There are times when your needs are best attended to in a group atmosphere. Group therapies have a common theme or topic to discuss on which helps in communicating better and express feelings. These provide proper contact and development a person needs to grow and feel better. The support lets them feel confident and open up as well.

All members in group therapy respect confidentiality in the group. They make a commitment to protect it. As all the members are sharing their side of the story it can be expected that they will want the same from other members too.

It may take some time to open up to individual’s you have just met. Trusting is a process that develops in the group with time. You need to take the chance and slowly start sharing about yourself. You will realise that there are people who understand and relate to your problems and concerns too. Once you take the first step, you will realise it gets easier.

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