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Take the crucial step towards overcoming drug addiction and finding control again over your life. For stimulants, alcohol, opioids, or any other drug addiction or dependence, connect with our healthcare provider for immediate expert help. Detoxification of toxic substances helps you prevent physical harm, elevating your well-being.

Shanti Mindcare Center is a renowned drug and alcohol addiction treatment center, catering to patients with high-end drug detoxification in Siliguri for years. Consult our leading addiction psychiatrists for all-encompassing advanced medical care that solves the diverse health needs of patients.

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Why Choose Shanti Mindcare

The detoxification of drugs is a set of medical interventions that help get rid of and manage drug intoxication and withdrawal. The process of detoxification is administered by medical experts, clearing the body of toxic substances such as alcohol consumed by an individual. It is highly effective and should only be performed under medical supervision.

Treatments and facilities at our hospital that assist you in your journey toward addiction healing:

  • Drug Detoxification & Rehabilitation
  • Rapid Drug Detoxification
  • Group Therapy Sessions
  • Acute Psychiatric Treatment
  • Pharmacotherapy Sessions
  • Physiciatric Rehabilitation
  • Dialectal Behavioral Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Meditation, Yoga, and Physical Exercise
  • Tobacco & Drug-free Environment

When an individual becomes addicted to a specific drug or alcohol, his/her body becomes dependent or develops tolerance to that substance to function normally. Therefore, detoxification is a vital step for breaking the cycle of addictive behavior. Visit us for advanced drug detoxification in Siliguri North Bengal.

Step-by-step Drug Detoxification Process


At the beginning of detoxification treatment, patients are tested to determine the specific drug or substance circulating in their bloodstream, and the amount of toxins present at the moment.

Besides this, experts also examine conditions like mental disorders, behavioural disorders, co-occurring disorders, and the patient's medical history. All these essential steps help doctors map out a personalized detox treatment plan.


This stage includes guiding patients through the procedures of drug detoxification, which can be performed with or without medication. Your doctors will simplify what to expect during the treatment and recovery process, and guide you to bring someone to ensure hand-in-hand assistance.

Guidance on the Entry into Substance Abuse Treatment

During the final step before treatment, doctors prepare the patients for the recovery procedure. Detoxification of substances exclusively deals with addiction and physical dependence on the drugs in the patients in a drug rehabilitation program.

Medical Detox

Medical detoxification of toxic substances involves a medical setting, such as a hospital or detoxification center, administered under the supervision of medical professionals. It includes the use of medications to manage withdrawal symptoms and stabilize the individual's health.

Outpatient Detox

Healthcare poviders may order an outpatient detoxification treatment based on what suits the patient best. Drug detoxification on an outpatient basis involves attending routine appointments with healthcare providers to get daily treatment sessions. Outpatient detox may be recommended for individuals with mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms and who have a secure support system.

Professional support and guidance can increase your chances of optimum healing. Remember, recovery takes time, and we'll be there to assist you throughout the journey and beyond. With the right treatment and resources, you can overcome drug addiction and regain your good health.

Fight Drug Addiction With The Right Treatment And Guidance

Shanti Mindcare, one of the best detox centers in Siliguri, boasts a team of specialized medical experts diagnosing, treating, and managing basic, moderate, and complex drug intoxications. Our drug detoxification and psychiatric rehabilitation facilities are evidence-based and transparent.

Drug Addiction

We ensure the patients the 24/7 expert support. Our detoxification solely depends on the kind of substance the patients have been exposed to, their general health, their medical history, etc. If you seek how to quit drugs, nothing can be so best than consulting a doctor specialized in the field.

Aftercare and Relapse Prevention Strategies

To maintain long-term sobriety, engage in aftercare and relapse preventive strategies, helping you understand your triggers and cope with them. These are:

  • Participating in therapy and counseling sessions under experts
  • Eating a healthy diet suggested by your doctor
  • Exercising regularly; do moderate exercises
  • Attending support group meetings
  • Building a strong support network
  • Developing healthy coping mechanisms
  • Avoiding triggers and high-risk situations
  • Asking for help when required
  • Taking up creative endeavors like writing, painting, playing an instrument, gardening, sculpting

Rapid detoxification is exclusively an inpatient technique, also called anaesthesia-assisted opiate detox, which consists of sedation, and medication to quickly take out opiates and other substances present in the body.

Though it's an effective treatment, there are a number of side effects. Our detox center and rehabilitation facility are dedicated to supporting your utmost healing, offering lifetime a helping hand. We are outright committed to quality treatment and recovery. Embrace the right guidance for your addiction recovery journey. Visit Us Today!

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