Drug Detoxification & Rehabilitation

Drug detoxification is the process of letting your body remove the drug content in it. The purpose of this is to help you lead a healthy and better life. To safely monitor the withdrawal symptoms and assure complete detoxification it is best to choose medical assistance. Patients often tend to have a difficult time when having to deal with withdrawal symptoms. It depends on the time and the extent of abuse, thus, they need special care and treatment. Treatment is also necessary as it prevents them from relapsing which can be guaranteed post medical care.

How does Shanti Mindcare help in Drug Detoxification and Rehabilitation?

In Shanti Mindcare, a team of specialised medical personnel cater to the patient and aid them 24/7. The treatment and detoxification often depends on the kind of drug abuse the patient has been exposed to. It can take days or months for patients to get through withdrawal symptoms of most drugs. A number of processes like evaluation, stabilization, and preparing the right treatment are done at Shanti Mindcareto make sure the patient can detox completely.

Our rehabilitation facilities are safe and comfortable because the environment matters during the treatment. Compassionate care and a healthy atmosphere add to the results.

  • Evaluation
  • Personal care
  • Rehab facilities
  • Experienced team

Commonly Asked Questions About Drug Detoxification & Rehabilitation

The signs and symptoms of drug addiction can vary depending on the person and the drug used. Some of them include:

  • Impaired speech and low motor coordination
  • Bloodshot eyes and smaller or larger pupils
  • Changes in appearance
  • Change in appetite and sleep pattern
  • Change in mood and disinterest in interaction
  • Sudden weight gain or weight loss

There are a lot of people who are into drug abuse but do not have negative consequences.

Drug addiction and can be treated using a number of treatment options and rehabilitation. Treatments vary depending on the extent of the abuse and the kind of drug. The treatment can take days or months to be completed. Rehabilitation of drug detoxification patients is necessary part of the cycle to avoid them from relapsing.

There are a number of centers and organizations that provide drug treatment programs. You can go through our website and read about the various treatments provided at Shanti Mindcare. We provide medical consultation and program plans to safeguard your health and promise you effective recovery.

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