Understanding The Severity of Your Addiction

The Levels of the Severity of Your Addiction


The severity of addiction doesn’t occur overnight, addiction is a progressive state of illness. Understanding the intensity or the stage of severity of your addiction will be exceedingly beneficial for a faster recovery. As substance dependency becomes drastic over the course of time, it gives rise to other critical health disorders such as lung disease, cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer, and whatnot. For your mental well-being and a better understanding of substance abuse contact Shanti Mindcare hospital, the most trusted rehabilitation center in Siliguri.

·       What is addiction?

Addiction is a complex condition of uncontrollable substance abuse despite noxious consequences. Individuals with this situation completely rely on certain substances like tobacco, alcohol, drugs without addressing their fatal upshots.

Call your health care provider today, asking for help is the best way to save yourself and your family from the extreme effects of addiction.

·       Levels of Severity

Substance abuse disorder comprises four levels of severity, include:

1.    Experimentation: this is called the gateway to substance abuse, where mostly through a friend or a member of the family, the user gets the first offer. It begins with ‘just for fun’ and turns into a terminal outcome. For some people, this happens due to peer pressure, which is considered one of the culprits of substance misuse. And for others, they, themselves get tempted and that advances the process to the next phase - Regular use.

2.    Regular use:during this period, the urge of dependency starts growing, which increases the chances of developing behavioral change, anxiety, and depression. People feel like reliving their boredom, stress through substance misuse, now that experimentation goes more intensified. Here the state of regular dependency becomes a genuine addiction.

3.    Dependency and abuse:which they once thought to be the way of escaping all the stress, boredom, and conflicts, now they got stuck in that very situation. In this stage of addiction, the warning signs start getting prominently noticeable, from carving for drugs, persistent fatigue to the mode of irritability, anxiety, and depression.

4.    Addiction: with a complete state of substance dependency the individuals found themselves in a financial crisis, additionally their relationships both personal and social face difficulties and much more. Maybe they’re aware of this distress, mysteries but addiction reaches its peak and they are now fully unable to come out of the situation.

But you have the access to reopen the door to recovery, talk to your expert. There are several treatments available to manage your crisis

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