Understanding Psychotic Disorder – Psychosis

Understanding Psychotic Disorder – Psychosis


Psychotic disorders refer to an umbrella term for several illnesses associated with the mind. In simple words, these conditions cause altered reality. Psychosis affects the way an individual thinks, behaves, feels, communicates, responds, reacts, and understands.

People with psychosis undergo hallucinations/delusions. Expert attention is immensely needed to manage and heal psychosis. Medical supervision can heal this mental illness. Reach out to the best psychiatric nursing home inSiliguri and talk to the leading psychiatrists.

Identifying the possible signs of psychosis

The two main signs of psychosis are delusions and hallucinations.


It’s a rigid belief in something untrue. Delusion is a serious mental disorder that causes various symptoms. Medication, lifestyle modification, and psychotherapy help heal the disorder. Signs and symptoms include:

  • Irritability
  • Anger
  • Violent behaviour
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Holding grudges
  • Being preoccupied with the trustworthiness of near ones
  • Believing that someone is attempting to harm the person


By definition, hallucinations are false perceptions related to the senses. The person with hallucinations may hear, see, or experience touch which has no physical evidence. Signs and symptoms include:

  • Hearing voice, doors banging, footsteps, or something that nobody else hears
  • A feeling of being touched or movements in the body
  • Getting a smell that others around the person cannot
  • Seeing things such as lights, objects, people, animals, shapes

When to consult a doctor

Signs like social withdrawal, disinterest in personal grooming/hygiene, paranoia, trouble thinking, lack of communication, not meeting loved ones/friends, suspicious of others, frozen appearance/catatonia, difficulty concentrating, constant talking, sudden drop in work performance or education, not going to school, and depressive mood require expert attention.

If it’s psychosis, a person experiences hallucinations or delusions. Get your near-one medical assistance for early health assessment. Upon diagnosis, psychiatrists ensure suitable medical care. Visit the top psychiatrist at the bestpsychiatric nursing home in Siliguri.

What leads to psychosis is not clear to doctors. Researchers suspect genetics, schizophrenia, an underlying medical health condition, exposure to traumatic events in life, substance abuse such as LSD, a family history of psychosis in first-degree relatives, environmental factors, et al. Consult a mental health specialist without procrastination.

Its types include delusional disorder, bipolar disorder, psychotic depression, and schizophrenia. Health evaluation involves a psychiatric assessment, X-ray, blood tests, brain imaging tests, etc. Treatments of psychosis depend on its type, extension, and factors associated with it. One may need a combination of treatments, such as medications, psychotherapy.

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