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Substance use disorder is a chronic condition. You will never know how fast it advances and develops into addiction eventually. The truth is not everyone with this biopsychosocial disorder, had a ‘pleasure-seeking mentality. Many individuals become substance dependant to get rid of elevated stress or do away with a consciousness of distressing events.

Addiction influences the brain’s receptors. In addition, compulsion destabilizes the brain’s process of registering pleasure. Once neurotransmitters get overwhelmed, the condition may result in physical and psychotic/mood disorders. If you see your loved one has developed or has been struggling with such issues, you can reach out to the best rehab in Siliguri for guidance and care.


Everything You Should Know About Addiction

We often hear of smoking or alcohol consumption. But there are other substances that can affect individuals equally or more than alcohol or tobacco does. Some of the drugs – cannabis, marijuana, opioids, hashish, smack, brown sugar, - severely affect the brain and change the brain chemistry completely over time.


What are the psychical signs of addiction?

Below are given some of the physical symptoms of substance use disorder:

  • Lack of motivation
  • Decreased capacity of learning
  • Muscles aching
  • Agitation
  • Abnormal heart rate
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Sleeplessness
  • Hypersomnia
  • Diarrhea
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Muscle spasm
  • Constipation
  • Sweats
  • Change in appetite
  • Liver problems
  • Fatigue
  • Weight loss or weight gain
  • Being unhygienic
  • Weak immune system
  • Lung damage


What are the psychological symptoms of addiction?

Given below are some of the symptoms of substance dependency:

  • Mood swings
  • Aggression
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Detachment from reality
  • Euphoria
  • Paranoia
  • Panic attacks
  • Hallucinations
  • Lack of interest in favorite things
  • Social withdrawal/being secretive
  • Wanting to be alone

Financial debt, lying more often, relationship issues, poor performance at academics or work, not attending school, office –is something that near ones of that individual must put focus on.


What are risk factors for substance use disorder/addiction?

  • Several factors can increase your likelihood of addiction, including:
  • Family history of addiction may affect the individual for the same
  • Peer pressure is one of the culprits of addiction in which the person fails to ignore the offer comes from his peers and eventually ends up developing the urge
  • Existing mental conditions like – depression, ADHD, - can put the person at risk of substance dependency
  • Early misuse of drugs can amplify the chance of developing a drug addiction
  • Individuals with the post-traumatic disorder may develop an addiction
  • Individuals with a lack of family love or involvement may consider drugs

However, not everyone who deals with some of the above-mentioned situations develops addictive behaviors as a way to get rid of his problems. Help your loved one in the journey of recovery. See him/her at the leading detox center in Siliguri or any health care center at your location.

Medical care is the safest way to regulate the condition promisingly. In order to avoid withdrawal symptoms, keep in touch with the specialists and help him/her follow a healthy lifestyle. Apt diagnosis of the condition leads to better treatment, thereby, optimal recovery.

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