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Rehabilitation Center Guide – Contributing Factors For Addiction


Addiction is a chronic condition that means you have to be in control of maintaining your sobriety throughout life. Chances are anyone can develop this biopsychosocial disorder in life irrespective of his beliefs. Understanding the general risk factors for addiction is thereby significant. If you notice any changes in your loved ones that seem very unusual, it’s high time you should have talked to them.

Since individuals have different reasons for diving into addiction, let’s step forward and try to find out if they’re ok. But make sure that your approach must sound friendly or else you’ll end up messing up the situation completely. Asking for medical support is the safest option for quality recovery. Connect with the proficient experts at the most trusted rehabilitation center in Siliguricity.

Availing of early medical care can safeguard the wellbeing of the person against adverse outcomes. In this blog, we share some of the risk factors for substance dependency. Let’s have a closer look at that:


Prominent risk factors for addiction/substance dependency

1)   Family Ambiance

Growing up in an unhealthy domestic setting puts adverse effects on individuals eventually or sometimes they even start early abuse of substances. Seeing a parent or any member of the family using substances increases likelihood of developing almost the same activities in kids significantly, like – excessive smoking, alcohol consumption, or practices like gambling.

2)   Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is one of the leading causes of developing addictive practices. Being around a group of peers who abuse drugs uplifts the risk factors for substance dependency. Even if teens succeed in refusing their initial approach but it can be challenging as time progresses until they come out of the group.

3)   Family History

The connection between addiction and family history is worth putting a focus on. Genes, without any doubt, play a significant role in developing substance dependency. However, it’s a potential risk factor because not everyone with a family record of addiction grows the same activities later on.

4)   The Attributes of the substances

Some drugs gradually alter the brain’s chemistry. Whereas a few drugs such as heroin, nicotine, cocaine, rapidly affect the neurotransmitter – dopamine. Individuals with certain types of substances, knowingly/unknowingly influence their brains’ systems which lead to a host of physical and psychotic disorders.

5)   Persistent Stress

Too much stress, frustration, or irritability can give rise to addictive behaviors with time. A person engulfed in stress may seek relief through substance use, like alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, nicotine.

Therefore, identifying one’s own triggers is of importance with regards to reaching out to early medical guidance. Talking to a loved one is the first healthy step towards better healing. In order to secure the viability of health, come forward and get in touch with the most successful detox center in Siliguri.

With appropriate diagnosis coupled with best-in-class medical resources, professionals help individuals in the journey of addiction towards recovery. So that they can get back their essence of life once again.

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