Effects Of Aging On Bone Health

Effects Of Aging On Bone Health


Aging causes changes in the bone, and loss of bone density is one of the frequent conditions here. Essential minerals present in the bones begin to leech out with aging. The rate of bone resorption by osteoclast cells declines the measure of bone formation.

Bones in the body have multidisciplinary functions, such as providing support for the body, serving as a storage for minerals, producing blood cells, and protecting internal organs. For optimum old age care in Siliguri, you can connect with the top old age homes in the city.

A balanced diet, moderate exercise, stress management, healthy eating habits, routine health check-ups, etc. are required in order to keep bones healthy. If you notice your elderly facing joint stiffness, movement issues, joint pain, muscle cramps, joint swelling, tired/fatigued most of the time a day, or difficulty standing from a sitting position, seek medical attention.

This blog shares the effect of aging on bones. Here are some of the most common bone health conditions that affect the elderly:


Arthritis or joint inflammation is when one or more joints become swollen, or inflamed and as per research arthritis is a common disease about 47% of people over the age of 65 get this. Poorly managed arthritis leads to difficulty movement, affecting the joints of the knees, lower back, hips, hands, etc.

Osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis are two categories of arthritis and other types include gout, ankylosing arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, etc. Joint pain, swollen joints, joint tenderness, joint stiffness, joint redness, etc. are the common symptoms associated with joint inflammation. Get assisted living and well-rounded support at a reputable old age home near you.


People at or over the age of 60-64 are more likely to be affected by osteoporosis. This bone disease is common in women over 50 and postmenopausal women. As per studies, about 49% of women over 50 are likely to develop osteoporosis, in which bones become brittle and weak.

A stooped posture, loss of height, back pain, lower back pain, shortness of breath, etc. are symptoms associated with osteoporosis. Physical activity (moderate exercise), proper vitamin and mineral intake, physical therapy, wearing a seatbelt if recommended, using a walker/tool if suggested, etc. are essential for osteoporosis healing and management. You can visit the leading old age home for dedicated old age care in Siliguri.


Osteomalacia or soft bone disease is a metabolic disorder of bone marked by the insufficient mineralization of bone tissue. Joint pain, bone pain, difficulty walking, muscle cramps, pain in hips, muscle weakness, bone fractures, etc. are symptoms associated with osteomalacia. See a specialist at one of the best old age homes.

This condition is more common in women than, especially post-menopausal women at or over the age of 65. Clinical diagnosis helps determine the underlying condition. Based on medical reports, the doctor will ensure patient-centric health solutions. Treatment depends on the cause of the problems, the extremity of the condition, the overall health of the patient, etc.

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