Drug Abuse And Mental Health – Here’s What To Know

Drug Abuse And Mental Health – Here’s What To Know


Irrespective of mental health, drug dependency is concerning for overall well-being. Our mental, emotional and physical health are well-connected. Therefore, if one gets affected, it affects other realms of your wellness. Substance dependency can strike one overnight. But the urge develops over time. This article talks about how drug abuse influences and harms mental health.

In most cases, such dependency begins with an experimental use of substances. The purposes may involve pleasure, calming senses, or numbing delights. Many a time, prescription drug abuse comes to light. With time, people get dependent on prescribed meds. That intense urge becomes hard to resist for them. Visit the best psychiatric hospital in Siliguri town.

Read on to understand further insights into the topic.

Bipolar Disorders

Also termed manic depression, bipolar disorders show two poles of mental state: manic highs and depressive lows. Bipolar disorder is a long-standing mood disorder, involving signs like excessive happiness, excitement, less need for sleep, risk-taking behaviours, hallucinations, delusions, impulsiveness, low energy, uncontrollable crying, feeling of hopelessness, low energy, losing interest in activities, sleeplessness, hypersomnia, suicidal thoughts, or attempts.

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders refer to an umbrella term for a group of mental conditions. Anxiety overall is a common feeling. But excessive anxiety, fear, nervousness, or worry is sure to interfere with the quality of life. Different categories of this medical condition comprise panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety, separation anxiety, agoraphobia, etc. Reach out to the best psychiatric hospital in Siliguri to see your medical expert. Medical supervision helps relieve the condition optimally.


In simple words, hallucinations are perceptions of something false. Auditory hallucinations are when you hear sounds that aren’t real. Tactile hallucinations are when you feel a touch that is not real. Visual hallucinations involve seeing objects, people, animals, or lights that are not real. Presence hallucination includes the presence of someone in your space or behind you. Sleep deprivation, migraine, high fever, alcohol abuse, drug misuse, extreme dehydration, grieving, or severe infections might bring about such experiences.


A psychotic disorder or psychosis is a mental condition marked by disconnection from reality. Difficulty thinking, poor work performance, social withdrawal, paranoia, keeping oneself from loved ones or friends, difficulty communicating, hallucinations, delusions, trouble concentrating, having no feeling at all, reduced self-grooming, skipping personal hygiene, uneasiness with friends/family are some possible signs of psychosis.

Clinical Depression

Clinical depression or major depressive disorder is a persistent feeling of hopelessness, sadness, loss of interest in things, etc. The feeling of depression is far more than sadness or frustration. Drug addiction can trigger depression. Since this mental health condition is a chronic state, it can activate sometimes. Withdrawal symptoms of addiction or substance dependence can be depression too. Make an appointment with your psychiatrist at the leading detox center in Siliguri.

Consulting an expert is vital to mental problem healing. Doctors provide guidance on healthy lifestyle modifications. Accurate diagnosis is key to treatments. Specialists, upon health monitoring, advise inpatient or outpatient treatment approaches. Recovery rests on the severity of drug addiction and its effects on mental well-being.

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