Complications Of Schizophrenia That Affect Quality Of Life

Complications Of Schizophrenia That Affect Quality Of Life


 Schizophrenia impacts life in various ways. It’s a chronic mental disorder that affects people’s ability to feel, think, and behave normally. While there’s no cure, medications, lifestyle changes, and talk therapy help treat schizophrenia optimally. Self-help strategies help cope with triggers and manage this brain condition effectively.

Untreated schizophrenia can play havoc with the quality of life as it refrains people from clear thinking, concentration, normal emotions, and behaviours. Not everyone with schizophrenia develops the same set of symptoms. In many cases, symptoms of schizophrenia are less severe. You might visit the top mental hospital in Siliguri for schizophrenia treatments.

Given below are complications of untreated schizophrenia and how it affects life:

Anxiety disorders

About 65% of patients with schizophrenia experience anxiety. However, these are separate conditions but appear in people with unmanageable schizophrenia. This situation results in heightened anxiousness, feelings of intense fear, etc. In the early stage of schizophrenia, anxiety can occur. But, for the definitive reasons, further evidence is required. Make an appointment with the best psychiatrist in Siliguri.

Suicidal thoughts

Suicide risk is widely common in patients with schizophrenia. As per research, about 5%-13% of patients with schizophrenia die by suicide. Distorted thoughts, perceptions, and emotions make the state of mental health unstable. Feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness, sadness, etc. become more prominent in schizophrenia patients. All you need is to talk to your doctor and you’ll experience your problems are easing. Medical experts are there to help you always.

Problems at work

It becomes difficult to deal with office/work with schizophrenia. Feelings of uncertainty, delusion, hallucination, and negative symptoms make it downright difficult to keep a job. The best way to overcome schizophrenia is by seeing your mental healthcare specialist and modifying your lifestyle as guided by your psychiatrist. Seek medical attention from the top psychiatrists at the best mental hospital in Siliguri city.

Financial issues

Problems at work can lead to job loss, and business loss that clearly affects one’s financial state. Delusions, impaired reasoning, and hallucinations make it tough for people to concentrate on tasks/work. Financial issues can affect relationships and quality of life on different levels. You can see your doctor at the top psychiatric hospital in Siliguri.

Alcohol and drug misuse

Alcohol and drug consumption produce psychotic symptoms. As per studies, schizophrenia is known to increase the risk of alcohol use. Self-medicate is one of the factors here. People with schizophrenia often think of relieving symptoms like depression, fear, anxiety, and lack of motivation through alcohol and drug use, which develop into tolerance and dependence on excessive use.

Since the exact cause of schizophrenia is unknown, there are no definitive ways to prevent schizophrenia. With the right treatment, the risk of complications can be prevented and practices like eating a balanced diet, stress management, hobbies, yoga, social groups, and relationship management are of big help.

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